Waypoint® Solar Post Caps & Accessories

Post Caps are Available with Black or White Frames

4" Solar Black Top with Black Base
4" Solar White Top with White Base
5" Solar Black Top with Black Base
5" Solar White Top with White Base

4" Tiffany Glass Tops

4" Solar Forest-Glass Black
4" Solar Forest-Glass White
4" Solar Grape-Glass Black
4" Solar Grape-Glass White
4" Solar Sunflower-Glass Black
4" Solar Sunflower-Glass White

5" Tiffany Glass Tops

5" Solar Forest-Glass Black
5" Solar Forest-Glass White
5" Solar Grape-Glass Black
5" Solar Grape-Glass White
5" Solar Sunflower-Glass Black
5" Solar Sunflower-Glass White

4" Metal Tops

4" Solar Copper-Metal Black
4" Solar Copper-Metal White
4" Solar Stainless-Metal Black
4" Solar Stainless-Metal White

5" Metal Tops

5" Solar Copper-Metal Black
5" Solar Copper-Metal White
5" Solar Stainless-Metal Black
5" Solar Stainless-Metal White


3-1/2" Solar Light Adapter
Replacement Circuit Metal Top
Replacement Circuit Tiffany Glass
AA Rechargeable Batteries